Partnered Training Academy

We are partnered with an external Training Academy who draw on 30 years of competitive residential Estate Agency experience who will share their experiences whilst explaining / training in a unique easy to understand manner that will maintain and improve and keep you at the very top of this tough unappreciated profession.


  • If you are starting out, you will quickly improve and gain the much-needed confidence that is necessary.
  • If you think you are good, you will become better.
  • If you are already good, you will reach a different level.
  • If you are an excellent Agent, wait until you see our Trainer.

Expert Estate Agency training:

Our Trainer is an expert Estate Agent that has remained at the top of his profession for over 25 years in arguably one of the toughest and hostile markets.

  • Having learnt the profession as a teenager he has experienced just about everything the property market can throw at you.
  • His rise through the ranks was both fast and educational.
  • Joining a 6 office independent residential and Lettings Agent covering Middlesex and Hertfordshire. The company had a dedicated Land department and a well-respected New Homes department, and he soon rose through the ranks.
  • At the tender age of 22 he became the youngest Branch Manager of the company. Prior to this he progressed through every level of Estate Agency. He then rose further through the company becoming the Residential Sales Director, Shareholder and Company Co-Owner.
  • He then opened a Winkworth Franchise operating in North London and Middlesex. There, he quickly established the residential sales department as a well-respected no-nonsense leading Agent.
  • After nearly 30 years in Agency he is one of the most charismatic, enthusiastic and passionate Estate Agency Trainers out there. He delivers an intensive yet enjoyable training programme as well as consultancy services for Agents at all levels.
  • His training is innovative, deeply thought out, fast, funny and relevant. It will guarantee to energize and improve standards and techniques that you did not realize exist.
  • Since 2000 he oversaw 6 Estate Agency sales branches, approx. 20 Negotiators, 6 Branch Managers, 5 Mortgage Advisors and a pool of Secretaries.
  • He can help transform your Estate Agency from average to excellent, good to outstanding and excellent to even better.

Courses available:

Instructions / Listings Masterclass

  • Winning instructions.
  • Fighting for instructions.
  • Winning corporate and New Homes instructions.
  • Regaining instructions.


How to Manage Effectively

This course will show the difference between letting the sales branch run itself versus running your branch pro-actively to produce dramatic results. The course will cover:

  • How to provide an inspiring motivating enjoyable appraisal.
  • Target / goal setting.
  • Running competitions.
  • “Showing” not “Telling”.
  • The course is designed to ensure that your sales branch has an enjoyable atmosphere whilst becoming and remaining the market leader.

Effective Sales Progression

This course is designed for anyone that deals with the after sales / sales progression service with the objective of knowing and understanding how to speak effectively with Buyers, Sellers, Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers and Conveyancing Solicitors. Making sure that you can satisfy completions within the quickest possible time frame. The course will cover:

  • Legal terminology explained, providing the confidence to engage with Conveyancing Solicitors pro-actively without feeling awkward.
  • How to navigate survey reports.
  • How to deal with price reduction requests.
  • Renegotiation where necessary.
  • How to pre-empt situations and set expectations.
  • How to deal with survey reports and effective negotiations where relevant, whilst providing the ability to ‘pre-empt’ situations and act to leave an everlasting impression on your seller / buyer.
  • How to bring sales to a satisfactory conclusion as swiftly as possible whilst reducing your abortive/cancellation rates to produce more turnover adding to your profitability.
  • Producing more turnover and adding to your bottom line profit.

Regaining Listings / Instructions

  • This course is for forward thinking Agents with a never say die spirit.
  • The course will provide the enjoyment factor as well as boosting confidence levels. It will teach you how to “re-approach” sellers that have withdrawn their properties from the market and also how to approach sellers that have appointed another Agent / competitor following your market appraisal.
  • Learning the art of being humble and how to develop a never say die spirit of getting on the front foot to recapture the listing.

Everything Fees

This course is for all Agents at every level promoting your firms’ services. This course will cover various techniques to provide added confidence allowing Negotiators and Managers alike to enjoy fully engaging in conversation whilst articulating and providing presentational skills. The course will cover:

  • Reading people.
  • Presenting / articulating.
  • Overcoming objections.
  • Isolating objections.
  • How to show concessions when necessary.
  • How to ‘enjoy’ as opposed to ‘endure’ talking through your terms & conditions.
  • Closing techniques.
  • Knowing when to go for it and when not to.
  • This course will ensure you can walk away with the confidence to cope with all types of different personalities and characters. 

Starting an Estate Agency

This course is perfect for new ventures starting out. The course will cover:

  • How to navigate those critical first 6 months.
  • How to avoid ‘banana skins’.
  • Understanding Internet based Estate Agents.
  • Understanding your competition.
  • How to establish your Estate Agency swiftly.


Effective Email / Letter Writing

This course is predominantly for Senior Negotiators and Managers. The course will cover:

  • Report style post marketing appraisals.
  • How to impress Developers and Corporate Sellers.


The Dark Arts

  • This course is not for the faint hearted and is aimed at forward thinking and attack minded Estate Agents that make things happen as opposed to waiting for them to. Any Agent serious about producing business, no matter the climate needs to be attending this course.
  • This course will provide options considering your market place and competitors. It will also cover an understanding of legislation.
  • Only by attending this course will you appreciate and understand the energy, determination, awareness, organization and skill that is required to keep your Estate Agency at the top.


Effective Appraisals

  • This course is aimed at Senior Negotiators, Listers, Assistant Managers. Branch Managers and Area Managers.
  • The course will cover everything that is required to prepare an appraisal that is enjoyable, inspiring and motivational. Goal setting and establishing target.


Agreeing Sales

This course is for everyone from new starters to experienced Managers and will provide a detailed insight into:

  • Expectation setting.
  • How to negotiate.
  • How to pre-empt situations.
  • Checking chains.
  • How to speak confidently with Mortgage Brokers and Solicitors.
  • How to attach stipulations with the goal of a speedy sale in mind.


Tailor-made Consultancy Services

Our Trainer also provides tailor made consultancy services to both individuals and companies with a view to improving Estate Agency standards.

  • Sometimes it can be difficult to step back and see the wood for the trees when you are passionate about, and too close to the action.
  • Equally if you are not close enough to it, it can also cost you.
  • With the property market tougher than ever for traditional Estate Agents, he will draw on his 30 years trading history at the sharp end of the business. He will observe your working practices providing an insightful, honest and detailed report for your consideration.
  • Fresh ideas and suggestions tailor-made to your business and market place will be presented to you to further improve your success.

For more information or to book a training course please contact

Steve King

Group Managing Director

Telephone: 01708 609446
Mobile: 07952 024360